7 intense days inl Italy between Napoli and Roma with a stop in Capri.

Napoli, what a great city for second hand clothing! This city is full of small shops with beautiful retro pieces at the lowest prices is possible. Mela, our bnb host, was such a beautiful meeting, she proposes to take us to the best places to hunt. It is in the neighborhood of Ecolano that we stroll the narrow streets of the Resina Market. A multitude of small shops held by very friendly locals, where we find divine retro pieces! Accompanied by Neapolitans, we visit several "vintage showrooms" where it's easy to found vintage Italian designers . We met there  Giuseppe the head of the showrooms we have been and bought there the half of collection.
The weather was not good, luckily for us the vintage hunt has been very efficient, in one afternoon we had to create the Italia collection. Naples is known for its historic center and offered us plenty of opportunities for shooting our treasures! We met at every corner very welcoming locals with their own language and philosophy. There is also many foundations and hidden buildings to discover. It's a city where culture and art are mixed with the darkness of some underground neighborhoods. Here lies its charm and authenticity that can not be found anywhere else. Our wish in going to different cities was to capture the  atmospheres of a country and show all of the cultural diversity, out of clichés. Second stop Capri. Radical change of scenery, we felt in love with this island so mythical. An intense one day stop, we are only two to carrying clothes and  technical equipment .... At the end of the day our health application gave us an average of 15Km and 97 floors mounted just in Capri ... No regrets since this island has offered us beautiful scenery for our collection. What we enjoyed in Capriit it's wild state, The island is dotted with car-free walks where silence reigns with breathtaking views of the ocean. A detour obliged by the Villa Malaparte, very protected but with a lot of will and ingenuity (it is necessary to borrow a "camino privativo").visible. Third and last stop: Rome. Once again, the weather was not with us. Between rain, cold and wind, it was necessary to redouble efforts to find spots, but the city is absolutely breathtaking and we enjoy every minutes of it.